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Distant Healing Reiki

Distant Healing is done from a distance sending loving healing energy to someone who is not physically present.

Healing comes from the Spirit, which through challenging the energy, works through the Spirit of the person receiving it. Everything is living matter and thought as living and is not dependent upon a physical place to work. This is true also for the Distant Healing energy, and can be as effective from a distant as Contact Healing is. What separates them is really just that with Contact Healing you feel the Healer put their hands on your body, which in turn activates the endorphins in your body, the body’s own feel-good hormones.

Distant Healing Benefits

The subject to receive healing may be a person, an animal, a place or a situation.

There are various times in our life when we or someone close to us needs a little extra support or attention in healing, examples are as follows:




Cold / Flu

Grief / Trauma / Loss

Family Changes / Separation / Divorce

Pre and post surgery

Illness / Disease


Aches / Pains

Pregnancy / Birth


Run Down


Chronic Illness

Study / Exams

Someone who has recently passed

New home / business / car

Traveling - business or holiday


New Born Infant / Baby / Child

Bullying / Verbal abuse

Distance Healing Messages for People

Generally, messages are received during a distance healing and a detailed report is sent highlighting areas that need addressing for the client. Some messages received may include the following: colours, chakra blockages, frustration or worries that arise (subconsciously or consciously), crystals, messages from spirit, where there may be pain within the body, what can assist to help move forward with healing and positive affirmations provided.

You do not always have to ask for permission, however, if we feel that a person is not open to receiving, consent may be asked, as confirmation for the healing to preformed. To be able to send someone this healing energy, which many people say, since we are all Spirit. If, for some reason, the healing energy should not be received it will be determined on the spiritual level and therefore nothing we have to put time and energy to think about. This energy will then be used somewhere else in the universe where it is needed.

Distant Healing Reiki

Distance Healing Information Required

Their Full Name

D.O.B (Date of Birth)

Photo and

Their current condition/circumstance [reason for healing] (as much information as possible to help with their healing)

Our Distant Healing treatments are specially designed and tailored to suit your own requirements. Each treatment takes approximately 1 hour and includes a detailed healing report highlighting meaning, message, affirmations and information received that need addressing.

Note: These services may be conducted outside psychic reading days. Healing performed at session time offline & 9 page report

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