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Is It Bad Luck to Buy Your Own Tarot Deck?

Do you want to buy your own tarot deck? Many people believe that it’s bad luck to purchase your own tarot deck. Buying your own tarot deck is not bad luck. There are no studies supporting either one of these claims!  This is a myth. In this article, we will explore the origins of this myth and explain why it’s okay to buy your own tarot deck.

Tarot cards have been around for centuries. They were first used in Europe and later spread all over the world. Tarot decks are typically used to read someone’s future, but they can also be used for meditation and self-reflection.

The myth that it’s bad luck to buy your own tarot deck originated from a misunderstanding of the tarot reading process. In tarot readings, the querent (the person asking for a reading) is not supposed to have any contact with the cards before the reading. This is because they want to be unbiased when interpreting the cards.  So, if you buy your own tarot deck, you’re automatically disqualified from giving yourself a reading!

This myth was also widespread in the past when tarot cards were hand-crafted and published by thousands of people. As a result, these cards were often passed down through families. It was believed that the older a deck was, the more powerful it was. Luckily, the myth isn’t as widespread anymore as you might think.

Buying yourself a tarot deck has no negative impact with your tarot readings.  Your readings can still be effective when you use your intuition.  It’s still okay to give yourself and others tarot readings.  Tarot cards are just tools to help tarot readers tap into their intuition.

Many people also believe that buying your own tarot deck means that you’re too attached to the outcome of the reading. This isn’t true either! You can still get accurate readings even if you’re using your own tarot deck.

So, don’t let this myth stop you from purchasing your own tarot deck!  It’s perfectly okay to do so.  If you want to buy your own tarot deck, It’s up to you!

If you’re interested in learning more about tarot cards, consider purchasing your own deck today!

The tarot card reading process involves more than just looking at pictures on cards and interpreting what they mean. A tarot reader must connect with the energy of each tarot card in order to understand its meaning for the person whose future is being read through these cards. This connection can only happen if both parties (the reader and subject) are open-minded about using tarots as part of their spiritual practice or belief system.

There are many advantages in buying your own tarot deck.  When you have your own tarot deck, it means that you can take the time to get to know each tarot card intimately. This will help make your tarot readings more accurate in the future. Additionally, owning your own tarot deck gives you a sense of ownership and empowerment over your tarot readings.

If you’re interested in buying your own tarot deck, there are many types available on the market today. Be sure to do some research before purchasing one so that you can find the right deck for you!  Decks typically cost anywhere from $15 to $50, depending on the type and quality of the deck.

Tarot decks come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Some tarots may appeal more than others because of the artwork or the box they came in (some are very flimsy). You’ll know if it’s right for you when you see it!

If this is your first time buying a tarot deck, there are some things you should consider:

  • What kind of style do I like? Is there a specific art that catches my eye? Do I want a tarot deck with traditional art or contemporary art?
  • Does it have meaningful symbolism that resonates with me? What does each card mean to you?  The Tarot is a very subjective tool. You will interpret the tarot based on your own intuition and knowledge.

If this isn’t your first tarot deck, you may already know what kind of tarots appeal to you! There’s no need to rush into buying another one if it doesn’t feel right yet. Just enjoy using the one(s) that are currently in your collection until then 😉

It is also okay to receive a tarot deck as a gift. In fact, many people choose to give tarot decks as gifts because they are such unique and special items. If you are given a tarot deck as a gift, be sure to thank the person who gave it to you! You should also take the time to get to know each of the tarot cards in your new deck. This will help make your readings more accurate in the future.

There are many tarot reading courses on the internet that can help you become a good tarot reader. Tarot courses can help you learn the meanings of each tarot card, as well as how to read tarot cards for other people. If you’re interested in becoming a tarot reader, be sure to check out some of the tarot courses that are available online!

What you can learn from a tarot reading course:

  • tarot card meanings
  • how to read tarot cards for other people
  • the symbolism and history of tarot readings
  • choosing the right tarot deck for you
  • meditation techniques for working with tarot cards.

The bottom line is that buying your own tarot deck is not bad luck – it’s a way for you to connect with your intuition and explore your innermost thoughts and feelings. So go ahead and purchase your own tarot deck today! You won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading! I hope this article has helped clear up any misconceptions about buying your own tarot deck.

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