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What is a Psychic Medium and Mediumship?

Mediumship refers to the ability to talk to those who have passed away.  The term “medium” is used because the psychic medium acts as a bridge in between the spirit of the deceased and the person who they communicate with. In other words, they are somewhere between the two. Mediumship is practiced from the beginning of recorded time and throughout all ancient civilizations. Eastern civilizations have a broad and diverse history of mediumship, and even the Hebrew Scriptures provide descriptions of psychic mediums. Mediumship was in many cultures not a common occurrence and was considered to be a rare event.

To believe in mediumship, they do not need to adhere to any particular religious beliefs or even consider themselves god-like, but there are some truths they should be able to acknowledge. The soul is distinct from the body, and that it continues in the afterlife. A person must also believe that it’s possible for the soul of the deceased to connect with humans living today. Through psychic mediums, souls of the deceased have the ability to speak to us. Anyone who is looking to learn about mediumship, be it studying or attending a session with the medium, should not go blindly, but must take all precautions to verify the claims they make. It is also important to mention that those who have the ability to medialize retain the ability to use it after they die. These are the people or spirits who communicate with and serve as mediators for those in the spirit realm.

It is feasible for any person to acquire the ability of mediumship, just as it is possible how to play a musical instrument. There are some distinctions between being a psychic medium and building a person’s psychic abilities through telepathy. Mediumship requires a person to learn to surrender to the spirit of communication and let that spirit be able to work through the psychic medium’s body. The spirit may work through the body by the act of talking or writing, as well as other methods. If someone wants to master the art of mediumship, should not be concerned about harming themselves physically. Mediumship is an incredibly normal thing to happen and shouldn’t be considered a threat. It is important to note that not all spirits are beneficial or even ones you’d like to connect with. As with humans’ spirits can be arrogant and domineering as well as possess a myriad of personality flaws.

Physical and Mental Phenomena

Spirits communicate with each other through two primary channels. They are physical and mental phenomena. Physical phenomena may be in the form of direct writing on paper or objects moving through other objects of the same type and the levitation of psychic mediums or materialization, as well as direct voices. The possibility exists that these events could occur without the help of psychic mediums, but less likely. The belief is that the spirit can carry out these physical actions through using energies of the medium.

The mental phenomena can appear in the form of drawings or writing that are automatic and psychic. Mediums are capable of hearing or seeing the spirit. An interesting form of mental phenomenon is automatic writing. This occurs when an article is written with a pen on paper while in a trance through spirit. The medium communicates with the spirit, and the spirit will either write a message or draw upon the page.

The psychic medium typically enters a trance state when they are in contact with spirits. It is believed that this state can be beneficial, however it is it is not required to achieve the proper mental vibration to communicate. A lot of times, the word trance is often misinterpreted. Trance doesn’t have to be a state in which the individual loses all control and consciousness. The trance can be described as an uninvolved state in which the person is conscious of the surrounding and what’s happening. The state is like someone who is asleep in a dream.

Many psychic mediums acquire the ability to communicate over a prolonged time. The psychic medium is likely to traverse several stages of their growth. In the beginning, they might suffer a few knocks, later they may be compelled to write to the spirit that is influencing them. As they advance, the spirit might begin to communicate with the medium’s psychic abilities. The spirit communicating through the medium initially begins into a couple of words which aren’t understood and then, over time, it becomes clearer and start to create sentences. It is not unusual to have several spirits talk to each other through the medium.

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